“I have truly come to believe that if you create something from your core, something undiluted, something inspiring, it is bound to find the right audience.”

- Priyanka Modi, Creative Director


Elevating Indian silhouettes through global dressmaking sensibilities for almost two decades, AMPM’s work has translated an innate sense of style and balance into a true representation of the ‘Modern Indian’ aesthetic. The result is a highly curated offering of timeless silhouettes, innovative colour palettes and exploratory artworks , which continue to shape the brand narrative every season.

At AMPM, eternal elegance and endless versatility is at the core of the brand’s ideology. The brand takes pride of place in the wardrobe of the AMPM muse – a sophisticated woman with a discerning eye and distinguished taste – who chooses timeless quality over tentative trends. She is a cultured aesthete with a love for the arts, a nuanced conversationalist and an empowered leader. She intimately identifies with the values of the brand and its refined sensibilities.

“With every collection, we strive to create a seamless bridge between aspiration and accessibility. Over the years, we have built a sartorial vision that has staying power and relevance in the global fashion landscape.”

- Priyanka Modi, Creative Director

When founders Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi established their eponymous brand in 2002, the Indian consumer was weighed down by the combined sartorial opulence of designer Indian wear and mass-produced economical fashion. The gap in the market was identified by the brand’s Creative Director Priyanka Modi and she started designing clothes that were clean, fuss-free and edited the excess.

Over the passage of 18 years, AMPM has developed a style language that is reflective of the new-age Indian woman.

The brand is a favourite among the leading ladies of Indian Cinema , fashion influencers, sportspersons and women entrepreneurs, all of whom have admired AMPM’s balanced simplicity and elusive appeal.

Over the years, AMPM has received numerous accolades and has prominently featured in leading Indian lifestyle publications and digital media platforms.

With the brand’s loyalists spread across the world, AMPM has a strong omnichannel retail footprint with offline presence in exclusive brand stores across major Indian cities, luxury multi-designer boutiques and its own online store ,which caters to over 170 countries worldwide.


A passionate entrepreneur, an avid explorer and an elusive opinion leader, AMPM’s Founder and Creative Director Priyanka Modi has ably led the brand by beautifully blending and balancing modern dress codes with traditional sartorial values. With AMPM, she has conceived an ageless style expression for women who believe in building wardrobes that exude an aura of inherited class and quiet confidence.

AMPM’s Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Priyanka’s partner, Ankur Modi, has efficiently managed the administrative side of this creative powerhouse for nearly two decades. Under his successful financial design and perceptive business acumen, the brand has established a strong retail presence in 10 standalone stores across six major cities in India.

Chief Brand Officer and Priyanka’s sibling, Anirudh Birla has spearheaded the Branding and Marketing division at AMPM since 2007. From conceptualising the brand’s visual identity to reimagining shopping experience for the new-age consumer, Anirudh has seamlessly developed a distinct brand language for AMPM across the luxury retail spectrum.


At AMPM, art is flawlessly embedded into a design philosophy that beautifully balances timeless tradition and modern aspiration.

Art is the leitmotif of all AMPM collections. If you observe a garment closely, you will notice how the brand philosophy of meditativeness and mystery is gradually revealed through mindful details and thoughtful motifs, which are meticulously created with precision and skill.

Every season, the brand draws inspiration from varied art and craft forms from India and around the world, and balances them alongside recurring themes of wildlife, pottery and architecture. Filtered through AMPM’s artistic lens and following a thorough design process, the reinterpretation of these indigenous artworks and techniques make a signature AMPM creation truly unique.

At the design table, every motif is hand-rendered and further enhanced through bespoke embellishments such as aari work, appliqué and metallic sequins. Once transferred onto the silhouette, the beautiful artwork creates a visual harmony of colours and patterns – one that brings out the best of our indigenous techniques and artisanal skills.

“At AMPM, luxury denotes something that uses the best materials and practices, something that drives and quenches aspiration, something that gives comfort and something that is unique.”

- Priyanka Modi, Creative Director


“Less is More”

These words and the concept behind them have been the essence of AMPM’s nearly two-decade-long journey. For Creative Director Priyanka Modi, it all started with a quest to delve deeper and do more to affect a change in the Indian mindset, with respect to consumption patterns.

It has been her mission to create designs that are timeless and a valuable addition in the wardrobes of the brand’s loyalists, and she has conscientiously woven ethics as well as aesthetics into the fabric of AMPM at every step.

As the world slowly comes to terms with a new reality, it is now more important than ever to revisit our past, learn from our mindful tradition of reuse and repair, and course-correct the nature of our consumption.

“While we cannot reverse the damage, fortuitously we can learn from our misadventures and adopt a more responsible way of living – that of Conscious Consumption.

- Priyanka Modi, Creative Director

Priyanka believes that the only real way to change the world and save the environment is to change ourselves. She strongly feels that human consciousness and compassion are the rightful solution to save the planet and humankind.

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