Priyanka Modi was schooled at the prestigious Mayo College Girls School in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Having passed out in 1995 she then completed her Diploma in Fashion Design & Clothing Technology from the Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi, India.

She further went on to do an Advanced Course in Fashion Design & Clothing Technology from the London Centre of Fashion, London, UK.

She then went on to launch the luxury-pret line, AM:PM in 2002, the signature couture line Ankur & Priyanka Modi in 2016 and the western-wear brand Twelve AM:PM in 2017.

She is the Creative Head for all three brands.

Ankur Modi completed his studies from the popular Modern School (Vasant Vihar), New Delhi in the year 1994. He went on to become an Engineer and graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Along with his wife Priyanka, Ankur then launched their labels AM:PM, Ankur & Priyanka Modi and Twelve AM:PM respectively.

He is currently the CEO of the parent company.

Anirudh Birla is an alumni of the renowned Mayo College in Ajmer and belongs to the batch of 2002. He is a BSc in Management which he pursued at the London School of Economics, University of London.

He decided to form a one-man marketing and branding team at AM:PM in 2007, and having overseen significant growth in both the brands, became a partner at in 2012.

He is currently responsible for the group’s Business Development.