Straight from the peaks- bedeck these embroideries this winter season!

Our country is enriched with intricate craftsmanship that is full of artistry and rich cutures. Every state caters to a different culture therefore, a unique form of art is witnessed as we cross the border of every state. From these rich art forms come different embroideries that weave together all the cultures through our textiles! Our winter collection ‘Altai’ is full of these diverse embroideries of India, just ready to adorn you with effortless artistry!

Aari work is created in fine, concentric rings of chain stitch using a long hooked needle called the crewel, it is a form of very fine embroidery that majorly has elaborate meticulously made floral motifs. This bottle green ensemble from our ‘Altai’ collection has a harmonious spread of these motifs for an understated elegant look!


Leaves have been one of the most favourite motifs to be embroidered on all Indian traditional wear, here we have embroidered the leaves using painstaking corded texture technique and enhanced them using applique metal sequins on a woollen jacket making it a sublime modern ethnic jacket!


Softer tones with vibrant embroidery makes a gorgeous winter wedding or festive outfit! Textured embroidery earthy motifs in energetic hues lifted with silver metal sequins on a delicate toosh outfit makes it a gorgeous piece present in the ‘Altai’ collection!


Hand embroidery is one of the most celebrated work by our artiseans, we used this technique clubbed with metal sequins to bring out one exquisite regalia in an unusual dirty mustard that wraps you in splendid craftsmanship with a light dori!


Another beautiful woollen ensemble bedecked with Aari embroidery is our Pheran jacket, not only the embroidery this long jacket is all about Kashmir. Get your hands on this limited piece from our ‘Altai’ collection that’s a stunner in this season’s favourite colour- toosh!


A range of Navy embroidered suits to choose from in this collection, different hand embroideries used in every different suit makes them unique. Here are two suits from this range each displaying a different hand embroidery and motif in contrasting hues.


Velvet is a significant fabric of the winter season, not only it keeps you warm but also gives a very sophisticated look especially when in black, here is our black velvet jacket with contrasting silver metal sequins embroidery that is just lifting the whole look of this jacket with its thoughtful spread all over!

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