Our step towards sustainable fashion

The legacy of India- spinning wheel made sustainable fabric is not just a comfortable fabric but a trans-seasonal fabric that keeps one cool in summers and warm in winters. It is the perfect example of sustainable fashion for its luxurious feel of being hand-woven at affordable prices.

With the advancement and new trends in fashion, it has also come a long way from where it started. It is no more tedious but has been adapted and moulded to fit in the contemporary world by adding artistic details, trivialized hues and a whisper of newness!

neon lime waistcoat in khadi
Power dress in a refreshing Lime waistcoat like Dia Mirza
fluorescent pink ckd in khadi
Fine Fuschia suit lifted with Ivory delicate embroidery


It has been gaining a lot of popularity since the demand to slow fashion down as it is comfortable, easy to wear and has a very chic and sophisticated look and feel, it is not only hand-spun that makes it so upscale but the softness of it to the skin is one of the more important factors for it’s increasing recognition around the globe. Remarkably rooted in India, it is one of our better additions to textiles along with so many others.


At AMPM we have been committed promoters of effortlessly elegant with our delicate artistic details on minimal soothing hues and it sublime matches with us for its understated elegance and multiple variations in its weaves. Glamour is perceived to be glitzy but with this fabric, the whole idea has mellowed down and got a new vocabulary of modest and subtle glamour.

dark lavender embroidered tunic set in khadi
Balmy Lavender suit in contemporary woven sustainable fabric
orange ckd in khadi with detailed embroidery
Alia Bhatt in a soothing Orange AMPM suit


It has a premium look and feel to it blended with being breathable and extremely comfortable to one’s soma makes it a favorite amongst a lot of celebrities and influencers. Not only the luxe factor but its ‘Made in India’ novelty also has been a very crucial factor for making it our pick moving towards sustainable fashion!

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