AMPM’s Pishtaq: Fashion with a Different Dimension

As Coco Chanel famously put it,‘fashion is architecture’. In the past few years, the strong connection between the design elements that feature in the two creative fields have enthused many Indian and International fashion minds to come up with architecture-inspired fashion.India has gone through numerous eras of magnificent architecture and centuries after centuries resonate of spectacular built-up glory, be it the majestic temples of the south, the awe-inspiring medieval architecture of Khajuraho or the regal Victorian-styled buildings of the British era. By large the greatest era in Indian history, the Mughal empire, which has left a lasting impression in many aspects of our heritage, has been an epitome of inspiration for many new-age designers. Touches of Islamic art have been seen many-a-time on the runway with a number of fashion stalwarts drawing reference to its features in their styles.



The essence of Taj Mahal’s beauty and its efficacy as a symbol of love has been wonderfully captured in the 40 uniquely curated pieces of clothing. The couple have taken special care in selecting luxurious fabric such as organza, lace, velvet, satin and other exquisite types of silk to weave out exclusive handcrafted jackets, saris, blouses, lehengas, dhotis, capes, gowns, skirts, and anarkalis to attract the most elite of their fans. They have painstakingly hand-embroidered all these outfits with threads of silver and other metals. The Pishtaq collection, as the name suggests, uniquely represents a trademark of Mughal architecture – thepishtaq – the pillared archways adorning the exteriors of the Taj Mahal, among other essentials such as the curved lotus petals andthe minarets. They have essentially employed Islamic handicraft styles ofMukaish and Zardozi, along with other exotic hand embroidery techniques strewn with elegant pearls to add to its beauty and grace. The intricate and elaborate handwork adds an essence of luxury and royal opulence to their signature minimalistic designs.



Mughal styled fashion isn’t new to the Indian couture scene. Some prominent types including lehengaspeshwazjama, and churidars have been quite popular in Indian weddings and other festivities. However, finding a place for Mughal architecture in designer outfits is something extraordinary. Featuring historical designs and motifs brings a gentle mention of India’s rich heritage into modern day living. Ankur and Priyanka Modi have always played around with their love for architecture with much of their work drawing inspiration from it. With their newest Pishtaq couture collection, the designer duo has done it yet again. Showcasing their penchant for Mughal art, they have featured Taj Mahal and its stately craftsmanship to weave out an exquisite collection of clothing line.



AMPM as a brand has always endeavored to award immense value to the customer of today. Therefore, the Pishtaq collection too represents multifunctional and contemporary practicality imbibed witha trace of imperial exuberance. Be comfortably royal with AMPM’s Pishtaq.


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