AMPM – Go Modern with A Classic Touch

If you are one amongst fashion’s avid followers and have a taste for good brands, then you would know that AMPM is really not about telling time. AMPM is the fashion label started by Ankur and Priyanka Modi in 2002. The premium label has been on the runway for the past 15 years with the husband-wife duo complementing each other’s strengths and design skills. AMPM is all about eloquent style with a focus on femininity, wearability, and comfort. The luxury prêt brand’s compelling designs bring you a tasteful intertwining of traditional glamour with a modern appeal. It has been adorned by many Bollywood divas with the likes of Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Jacqueline Fernandez endorsing the label regularly.



The keystone of their work has been to showcase an extraordinary blend of classic detailing on a contemporary foundation. As the Indian woman breaks free of the long dictated convention of “socially approved dressing”, she is ready to experience more of the latest fashion trends. Exposure to international styles and the need for work-friendly attire has driven the new-age woman to seek comfort and accent both in how she dresses. However, one cannot get enough of the unmatched charm and variety of traditional Indian fabrics and designs. This is what the brand caters to. While wearability and versatility are always at the core of its designs, AMPM works to translate runway pieces into practical wardrobe inclusions.


While classic fabric and ethnic patterns remain a reflection of tradition, they need not be standalone occasional clothing. The pair has time and again proved that tradition can be locked down in the most consciously subtle way to create contemporary outfits for everyday dressing. This can be clearly understood with the brand’s ability to attract audiences across ages. In the past, the label has primarily shown an inclination towards the use of black and white combinations, giving their designs a sensual yet simple aesthetic. Influence from architecture and archaic artwork is another of the brand’s signature features. Drawing inspiration from their passion for craft and architecture, the designers have experimented with a mix of Islamic craft and design in their Fall/Winter 2015 collection ‘Siyah’. They presented designs taken from exquisite inlay work on Sheesham unique to Hoshiarpur, Punjab, with elaborate jaali patterns mirroring Mughal architecture.


Their latest line titled Zivar not only marks the entry of AMPM into the couture world, but it also defines their exemplary penchant for bringing a classic-contemporary feel to their creations. According to Priyanka, Zivaradds a new dimension to their creative language. The collection presents the influence of the antique Persian craft of bidri blended into exotic Ashrafi-ki-bootis, beautiful jaals, linear patterns, and concentric graphical designs. The careful selection of pastel palettes and monochrome hues add the essential modernity to this line. True to the essence of the collection, the title ‘Zivar’, which means silver in Persian, sets the perfect setting. While the main feature of the line remains mukaish, a hand embroidery technique that uses only pure silver threads, the designer duo has liberally infused their clothing line with vintage floral patterns.

Be it pure fabrics, classy silhouettes or soft gracious patterns, AMPM has consistently given its followers the best amalgam of subtle ethnicity and elegant contemporary style. Their rich use of classic hand embroidery, age-old printing methods and passionately strewn embellishments speak volumes of their much-celebrated designing style. The brand has, over the years, earned a remarkable appeal for itself in the Indian as well as the International markets with 11 retail outlets across major Indian cities, multiple designer stores and online platforms, including a significant presence in the US, the UK, Canada, Russia, Italy, and the Middle East. And it is only the beginning for this high-spirited duo.

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