AMPM Gallery: Discover Africa’s 50-year-old folk art

Step into the mythical land of Tinga tinga – an animated canvas where multi-coloured giraffes exist with wide-eyed leopards and larger-than-life flora!

Developed in the second half of the 20th century in the Oyster Bay area in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Tinga Tinga is an eponymous art form created by Edward-Saidi Tingatinga using Masonite boards and paint. He drew inspiration from his natural surroundings – birds, trees, animals – and translated them into his artwork through exaggerated shapes, vibrant forms and a unique take on caricature-style sketches. The technique was fresh and liberating and still is – it urges you to let your imagination run free.

Creative director Priyanka Modi chose this independent art form and filtered it through AMPM’s prism of minimalism. Toning down the vibrancy and playing up the exaggeration, she developed wildlife-inspired motifs that play with the concept of light and shadow. It shows an interesting juxtaposition of colour and the absence of it, which gets translated into garments via leather appliqué and digital prints. The result is a modern-day rendering of Africa’s indigenous culture and wilderness.

Art is the leitmotif of all AMPM collections and their continuous exploration of space and minimalism resulted in the Artistry line – relaxed shirts, easy tunics and smart cover-ups featuring the whimsical Tinga Tinga design. This is the new-season animal print, where instead of spots, stripes and snakeskin, you carry the whole animal (or a couple of them) on your sleeve.

The print shows subtlety at its finest – a contemporary, grown-up version of animal motifs that you can wear forever. Go for a tonal look if you want to channel casual sophistication. The Kusafiri Olive throw-over with olive pants looks brilliant. Opt for our signature printed dupattas to add a playful touch to your monochrome look. Our inhouse favourite – the chanderi shirt in ivory that gives a fancy update to the classic white shirt.

Explore the whole collection below.

Ivory Tunic Set in Linen with Scarf
Breathe easy. A straight-fitted tunic with faux leather details, matching palazzo pants and a printed scarf that makes you look effortlessly put together.

Ehlaza Ivory Suit Set in Cotton Slub
Nice and easy. A straight-fitted kurta with matching pants and a printed dupatta that will stick with you in the long run.

Msitu Navy Shirt in Chanderi
Summer shirt. An easy-fitted shirt with all-over print makes downtime dressing fun.

Kusafiri Olive Throw-over in Chanderi with Bodysuit
Body wrap. A cover-up that hugs your torso with a tie-up on the front, a wide lapel collar and a matching bodysuit worn inside.

Vizuri Navy Tunic in Chanderi
Print all over. A fitted tunic with a drawstring at the waist to help you cinch the silhouette.

Ivory Shirt In Chanderi
Natural selection. An AMPM update to the classic white shirt, this piece featuring appliqué work is a covetable find.

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